Thursday, October 11, 2018

How to Prepare Your Home to Sell

There is more to selling your home than just opening up the door and letting prospective buyers have a look. Here are some helpful tips from PURE Real Estate of Charlotte that will increase the chance of selling your home.

Touch Up Your Walls

Over the course of time, your walls are bound to experience little scratches, nicks and dings. Plaster over any old nail or screw holes and check protruding corner for dings that need attention. In areas where problems are minor, just use a little bit of paint to touch up that area. You can also paint the entire wall for a fresher, cleaner look. 


Adding a little extra light to a room can make it seem to be bigger. This does not mean you have to install extra light fixtures. Simply open up the curtains and shades. Allowing more natural light in will provide an illusion of more room. 

Clear the Clutter

Remember that the more clutter there is in a room, the smaller it will look. This also applies to closet space. Try to clear out as much clutter as possible to give the appearance of an extra amount of room. 

Use Quality Photos

There is a tremendous difference in hiring a real estate photographer and snapping some pics on your phone. High quality photos can get you more showings and more interest. This tactic can truly allow your listing to separate itself from the rest of the pack. If you do decide to take them yourself remember to frame and angle your shots appropriately.

Prepare a Floor Plan

A floor plan can give prospective buyers a better understanding of the layout of your home. Floor plans also provide the precise dimensions of each room. Including your floor plan with your online listing is a major plus. 

Maintain Order

It’s easy to return to your normal life after an initial showing or two. But keep in mind that more prospective buyers could come through at any time. So it is important to put everything away and keep your home as orderly as possible. Cleanliness helps the buyer pay attention to the homes for sale in Charlotte as opposed to being distracted by clutter.

Create Space

Creating the illusion of more space can be done by keeping small furniture in larger rooms. The use of wall mirrors can also create the illusion of more space and more light within a room. A clean home also looks bigger in size.

PURE Real Estate can help you get your home ready for a quick sell in addition to providing valuable assistance through every step of the way. When it comes time to find the best realtor Charlotte has to offer, contact the team of experienced professionals at PURE Real Estate.